You Ask, We Produce

We are at your service with our wide machinery and expert staff.

YT Yavuzlar Otomat

We provide professional service on our track, which includes CNC machines with proven precision and excellence, with our 30 years of service experience for hundreds of different companies from dozens of different sectors.

Our Mass Production and Fast Delivery Product Groups



As the first step in production, our experienced employees reveal the appropriate dimensions and drawings for the products you need.


Test Production

In the second stage, we produce samples for the parts we will produce and submit them for your approval, thus giving us the opportunity to test in advance.

Mass production

In the third stage, we perform mass production in our cutting-edge CNC machines through the approved samples you provide.

Quality control

Our products, which are randomly selected from the serial production periodically, undergo a detailed examination by our expert staff.

Fast Delivery

We realize fast production and shipment with our wide machine park with many CNC machines and our experienced staff

You can send us your questions, requests and opinions!

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